Season 20 has been live for


The "Join ZE" community is meant for players who wish to play with like-minded, highly skilled, highly effective and social players.

You will have a chance to play with Zero Empathy members and get a feeling of how we play and what we are like.

If you wish to join the community, simply send a request and one of our officers will be in contact with you or accept you.

If you have performed extraordinarily well while playing with ZE members and made yourself noticeable, recruitment to the clan Zero Empathy is a possibility.

about // zero empathy

Members in Zero Empathy all come from different backgrounds but we are all here because of our passion for Diablo 3.
We are dedicated to find information before anyone else and our goal is to be always on top of our game. In this clan you will find theorycrafters and only hardcore players. We have a competitive mindset and a natural curiosity. One of the many great things is that we always share information between ourselves and aim to find some new ways to improve our gameplay.

Most importantly however, we believe that in order to achieve such things, we must have respect for one another and strive to be more than just clan members, namely be friends.


We are a rather small group of elite players who aim to be and remain the best at what we do. What we do, is many things. It may be the best runs, it may be the highest level, it may be other future ranking parameters. While we do that, we stand together as a whole.